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HUNZA Apricot kernels extract with REISHI and Vitamin C, 90 v-caps (en)

Food supplement with 100% natural ingredients like apricot kernel and the well-known Reishi mushroom mixed with vitamin C

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Price 21.90 EUR
HUNZA Apricot kernels oil, 250 ml (en)

Deep yellow coloured, cold-pressed and unrefined plant oil, fully made from apricot kernels.  

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HUNZA APRICOT kernels extract with Wheatgrass extract and vitamin C from acerola, 120 caps (en)

Food supplement with 100% natural ingredients just as apricot kernel and wheatgrass extract all mixed-up with vitamin C from acerola

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Price 17.90 EUR
Hunza Apricot Kernels Origin 200g

The most valuable part of the apricot


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Price 6.90 EUR