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Hunza Apricot Kernels Origin 200g

Product details - About the Hunza-diet

There are ethnic groups on the Earth like the Hunzakuts, among which a huge number of people older than 99 years old can be found in good health and living active and joyful.
There are no real secrets of the long life of the Hunzakuts. The key lies in simplicity, moderate diet and the many thousands of apricot trees. The Hunza-Valley lies on the border-land of China, Tajikistan and Pakistan. The destroying effect of civilization has not come to this area.
These people don't know the notion of money, and a family's economic stability is measured by the number of apricot-trees they have under cultivation. The apricot is their most appreciated food.
The medicine accepted by the authorities nowadays does not k... the answer why Hunzakuts are free from the illnesses of civilization. It is worth it to observe that the traditional Hunza-diet completed with apricot cores contains two hundred times as much nitrilosid than an everyday diet.
May the secret of the long life of Hunza people reside in this?


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